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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Misuero Karaoke Latino?

Misuero Karaoke Latino is the leading latin karaoke app. It features 200 songs for free and thousands more for a small monthly subscription of $0.99/month or a yearly subscription of $9.99/year. Misuero Karaoke Latino is currently available on iOS (both iPhone and iPad) as well as on tvOS. The Android version is currently in the works and will be available on the Google Play Store soon.

I paid for the previous version of Misuero Karaoke Latino, why do I need to pay for a subscription now?

First and foremost we thank you for being an early, loyal customer. Running an application like Misuero Karaoke Latino incurs server costs and data costs. We serve the karaoke songs from a cloud provider. As Misuero Karaoke Latino's popularity increased our costs increased. For this reason we encourage all users to sign up for the subscription so we can continue to provide thousands of songs for the modest fee of $0.99/month. No other app is providing this much high quality karaoke content at this low price.

In addition to our server costs, Apple is also encouraging developers to engage in subscription based models as a sustainable revenue stream. This allows us to keep our apps running nice and smoothly on a consistent basis and provides a foundation that allows us to continue adding great features.

Can you add song X by artist Y?

Please see the Contact Us section of this website. Feel free to call or email our content team anytime and we will do our best to add your requests to our growing library for your streaming pleasure.

What is Misuero Karaoke Bar?

Misuero Karaoke Bar is the modern day jukebox of karaoke. Restaurants, venues, barbershops can now all offer a fun way to entertain guests/clients while generating revenue. For more information on how your business can profit from hosting a Karaoke Show please see the Contact Us section of this website and reach out to our sales team. Misuero Karaoke Bar is currently in beta so any early adopters will get special prices and promotions.

I found a bug in the app or the app is crashing for me. What should I do?

We work hard to squash all bugs before they reach out users. We consistently monitor the crash reports provided by Apple so that we are ahead of the game. Even still, some bugs creep through. We urge you to reach out to our team and we will personally work with you to get the issue resolved to your satisfaction. Leaving a bad review does not help fix the bug as we have no way of contacting you via the App Store review system. Call or email us anytime and we will tend to your support questions in a timely manner.

Is Misuero Karaoke Latino legal and fair to the artists of the original songs?

This question comes up often and we are proud to say that Misuero Karaoke Latino has partnered with ASCAP, one of the top music licensing companies in the industry. All of our songs are covered under ASCAP licensing. When you play a song via Misuero Karaoke Latino rest assured that your favorite artists are getting their fair share of royalties.

Story behind the app

Milton Suero, A.K.A. Misuero, is a very dedicated KJ and runs one of the most popular karaoke shows in the world. His techniques and performances are beyond conventional karaoke shows. Misuero Karaoke Latino is celebrating 9 years being the number one latino karaoke night in the tri-state area (NY, NJ & CT). His passion and expertise have now combined to create the most popular latin karaoke app for tvOS and iOS.

Misuero Karaoke Latino is the ideal karaoke app when gathering with friends and family. The free version features 200 songs. Upgrade to the monthly or yearly subscription to gain access to our ever growing library of thousands of karaoke songs and you will be on your way to the most enjoyable karaoke experience on all your digital platforms.

Milton Suero

KJ Specialist

Hanley Hansen

Software Architect

What do people think?

La aplicación de Misuero Karaoke esta super chula, ideal para las juntaderas con amigos. Recomendada para pasar un buen rato.

Ruth Batista Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana

Misuero Karaoke Latino is a must when gathering with friends and family. My number one choice when signing karaoke.

Rosy Hiraldo Newark, NJ USA

The best latin karaoke application in the world. My whole family loves it.

Karolina Familia Dramá, Greece

Si quieres pasarla bien cantando y compartiendo con familiares y amigos te recomiendo Misuero Karaoke Latino.

David Espinal Newark, NJ USA

Tenia tiempo buscando un aplicación de karaoke latina hasta que encontre a Misuero Karaoke Latino. La recomiendo para todas tus actividades.

Rosanni Gonzalez Madrid, España

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We’d love to hear from you. Have song requests? Email or call anytime for more info on Misuero Karaoke Latino or Misuero Karaoke Bar.